Proxy gestion with SNAP and GPT

I’m kind of trouble with the gestion of proxy with snap and gpt. His comportment is not the same according to the download operation.

With the command ‘Apply Orbit File’ for radar images, snap doesn’t use the proxy settings and can’t download the orbit files

When you use a command that need a DEM file, SRTM 3sec for example, snap uses the proxy settings and the downloading goes fine

When you use the same command that need a DEM file with GPT, gpt doesn’t handle the downloading with the proxy and time out…

For the moment my solution is a manual script that download all the orbits and dem I need but is there any more simple solution where you can avoid manual operation?


Since SNAP is failing to consider proxy settings when using gpt or snappy, could you please share your workaround solution with the manual script? Facing the proxy issue myself and from what I see in this forum, most probably many others.