PS D-InSAR workflow Sentinel-1 IW mode

Hi to everybody!
I am writing to ask the workflow to perform an analysis with Permanent Scatteres in SNAP.
I am studying this topic in my research but I am a novice!
First of all, I used 11 Sentinel-1 images, IW mode, polarization VV and I perform D-InSAR to obtain 10 pairs of unwrapped interferogram. The steps I did are:

  1. S1 TOPS Coregistration
  2. Interferogram Formation
  3. TOP Deburst
  4. Topographic Phase Removal
  5. Goldstein Phase Filtering
  6. Snaphu export
  7. Unwrapping with Snaphu
  8. Snaphu import
  9. Phase to displacement
  10. Terrain correction.

In this way, I obtained 10 unwrapped interferograms, using 11 images in pairs (scheme: AB, BC, CD, DE and so on…).
Now, I would like to use Permanent Scatterers technique to obtain a “Displacement Time Series” of some points, to see how they move over time.
So the questions are:

  1. The previous steps are correct?
  2. What is the workflow to perform the PS technique in SNAP? (How to choose the PS? How can I display the results and so on…?)
  3. Is the logical reasoning performed so far correct?

I hope I have not written something conceptually wrong.
Hoping to receive answers, I greet everyone.

Your steps are correct but are referring to a traditional DInSAR approach.

For persistent scatterer approach you basically only need a stack of intensities and a stack of interferograms. These are then used in the PS Export module. Have a look here: About the STaMPS category

Thanks for the answer.
With “stack of intensities” do you mean the ten product obtained by the “Interferogram Formation” and with “stack of interferograms” do you mean the ten product obtained by the unwrapping?
I would like to create a subset of an area of interest. Is there a way to know where it exactly is in SNAP?
Thanks for all, I’ll have a look in your link.

Should I ask another question?
I am installing StaMPS on Linux, using Mint64. Is it possible? I use Mint64 to create unwrapped interferogram and I was wondering if I could use it for other purposes.
Thanks for the availability.

i think you forget the step of multilook

You do not apply multilook for PS processing.

@khaled14 @mdelgado thanks for the answers. Between which steps multilook must be applied?

For PSI you should not apply multilook. . Only for SBAS
Only for DInSAR you can apply it if you plan to unwrap the phase for example.