PS results interpretation

Hello All,
I am little confused with the interpretation of the mean velocity results of stamps PS.
So far my understanding of displacement results says towards/uplift (positive) and away/subsidence (negative)
Ps_plot description also says:

  • My doubt is, In case of PS where we have master image which fits in the middle of the timeline of multiple images, so there are slave images which are acquired before master and after master, in that case how’s the final (mean displacement/velocity) map is formed, does it still follows the criteria (+ve and -ve signs on velocity map) mentioned in the ps_plot.
  • Secondly, Does ascending or descending pass effects this +ve/-ve signs.

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Phase has an opposite sign than displacement. :wink:
This is true for both ascending and descending.

However… these displacements you will get are in Line-Of-Sight, so if you have both, you can use them together to derive vertical/horizontal movement.