PS StaMPS in Antartica

Hi all, im working with StaMPS in the Antartic área but when i run coreg_ifg, terminal says that the DEM not cover this área.

So i found this probably solution:

To use an External Dem change all the mentions of DEMname (for example ASTRM) into External dem like this:

<demName>External DEM</demName>

and change the path to the external dem to the path where the dem (in GeoTiff and wgs84 unprojected) is located. like this:


My question is if i can use this dem and what another files need to fix the error:

Sorry for my bad english.


FInally i used TanDem X but i get this error:

[1] Processing slave file :20210420_IW1.dim

… 23 more
Caused by: org.esa.snap.core.gpf.OperatorException: The DEM ‘External DEM’ is not supported.
at org.jlinda.nest.gpf.SubtRefDemOp.defineDEM(
at org.jlinda.nest.gpf.SubtRefDemOp.computeTileStack(
… 25 more

Error: The DEM ‘External DEM’ is not supported.
– org.jblas INFO Deleting /tmp/jblas810733284384672948/
– org.jblas INFO Deleting /tmp/jblas810733284384672948/
– org.jblas INFO Deleting /tmp/jblas810733284384672948/
– org.jblas INFO Deleting /tmp/jblas810733284384672948/
– org.jblas INFO Deleting /tmp/jblas810733284384672948

I remember adding an external DEM in the snap2stamps graph files, so there must be a way to make it work. I did like you reported, first added the line
<demName>External DEM</demName>
and then referenced the file with

Maybe there are spaces or special characters in the path to your DEM file?
Is it projected in WGS84 (latitude / longitude) and stored as a tif file?

i fixed replacing in coreg_ifg SRTM lines code for ACE30. Thanks

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