PSI problem for MatLab processing

I am New in these area, but i have processed for PSI and SBAS, my difficulty is creating the Patch through the installation of StaMPS 4.1beta on Mac and Ubuntu

Have you successfully installed stamps in Ubuntu?

I could say yes i have install StaMPS in Ubuntu from the response i got from the next step as shown in the screen shot attached. Though i still got stock with the response like “calamp: command not found”. i am not sure if it is from the installation or something else, pls help me out. rofiatulainiyah

I think you didn’t added the stamps path in .bashrc file.
If you add the stamps path, ‘mt_prep_snap’ command will run any where on your terminal (pwd).

Remember, if you encounter any errors during the installation, it’s important to read the error messages carefully as they often provide clues on what went wrong. If you’re new to Linux or terminal commands, it might be helpful to familiarize yourself with basic command-line operations and the Linux file system.