PSI technique using ERS and ENVISAT with SNAP and StaMPS

Hi @ABraun, @annamaria, @Katherine, @junlu, @FeiLiu, @falahfakhri and all the people who is working with PSI technique…

¿Have any of you successfully applied the PSI technique with ERS and ENVISAT images, using SNAP and StaMPS?

I pre-process the images with SNAP and then, in order to obtain the PS points, I have export them to StaMPS
I run all the process in SNAP and StaMPS without problems, but the results obtained are not good.

I obtain PS’s in vegetated or forest areas… (see the image)
What may be the cause of this error???

I will appreciate if any of you could help me please…
Thanks in advance

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Hi @AranLarra, @ABraun, @falahfakhri
I successfully applied the PSI technique with ENVISAT images , using SNAP , but the results seem not good at all. I need your suggestions .


Hard to comment without knowing the study area. You are the one to define why the results are not feasible, incorrect or somehow insufficient.
We cannot tell you what’s wrong by looking at a couple of coloured points :slight_smile:

it seems to me insufficient comparing with sentinel results bellow !!!

how much images were used and at which intervals?

Larger intervals mean loss of coherence which mean less PS.

I used 26 ENVISAT images with 0.4 coherence

have visually checked the interferograms?

yes of course it seems good