PSI using SNAP-STaMPS workflow in Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

this is great, thank you for sharing!

I will include it in our list of suggested approaches: StaMPS - Detailled instructions

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These should also be added into ‘external resources’ on our tutorials page.

It looks like that page requires an update in any case.


Thanks. I appreciate any review or suggestion.

Hi Amirolinxa,
Thank you for your instructions. They help me a lot but I still have a problem with mt_prep_snap

these are my commands:

And this is the error:

can someone help me?

Thank you

Although I am not sure if this is the error in your case, it is good to have the folder named according to the master date: InSAR_20200308

have you seen this wonderful guide?

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Hello Sarto

Honestly, I have not faced this problem so far. But what I have done was with the latest version of STaMPS (4.2.B) and snap(7). I know that for older versions of stamps you have to replace two files that are associated with MATLAB with the adjusted versions of those files. Nothing seems wrong to me in this step. Just be sure that the MATLAB is working properly in Linux. then another point is when you see an unsuccessful process, delete the temporary files and then do mt_prep_snap again.

It is also possbile that something is wrong with the initial process in SNAP, recheck everything and try to use different combination of SAR images or different siz of substract.

I check the error and I saw that another guy named MARCU had the same problem, however, I coulnd find any update to see what he have done to overcome it

and take a look at this instruction by Thorsten, although it is for older versions, it is much more in details (2.1 MB)

Finally, don’t worry. in different systems, weird stuff might happen. But I am sure you can find the errore

Thank you for the quickly respond, but it didn’t work.
But i will take it in mind for the next time.

And thanks also for the Guide.

Thank you.
I didn’t install Matlab for Linux yet because I have troubles to install it on Ubuntu WSL. I am still trying to figure out how to do that.

in the meanwhile, i will try to solve it.

Thanks for the zip file. I would take a look.

as far as I know, you need MATLAB in linux. for MATLAB, if you use WSL, the best advise is to make it visual first and thentry to install the same version of matlab that I suggested in the instruction. I hope it will solve the problem for you.
there are plenty of helpful links for installation of MATLAB in WSL. I had also probems with matlab installation, but I could figured it out aiming the helpful links on the internet

Yeah, I got it. I am new in Linux “world”, so I need more time to find out solutions.
Thank you again

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Good material.

I would suggest to use the mt_prep_snap included in the stamps version from github instead of the oldest mt_prep_gamma_snap.

If I may find more comments I will let you know

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Hallo again!

I still have the same problem. I used a different and larger subset of images.
Do you think that this problem could be caused from a not correct installation of StaMPS in Linux or even from a not correct modification of StaMPS_conf.bash?


I had the same error in the past but the cause of that error is linked to a not correct installation of Matlab for Linux.

It is important to do “sudo apt-get install matlab-support”, as it is explained very well in the amirolinxa guide.

I hope this explanation will help someone with my same problem in the future


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which WSL version did you use? WSL1 or WSL2?


ubuntu 20.04 LTS

I have the same version. I cannot figure out which is the problem.

The are differences in how X11 graphics are configured between WSL and WSL2. I think the matlab instructions are for WSL version 1. To see which is being used:

PS C:\Users\user> wsl --list --verbose
  NAME            STATE           VERSION
* Debian          Running         2
  Ubuntu-20.04    Running         1
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if your problem is with matlab isntallation. use the other versions of matlab. I also did some configuration. I dont know if you use any graphical desktop in WSL as it would help with graphical problems.

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Thanks, I already checked and I have installed the WSL1.
So It should work.

Thanks again.
No, I think the installation is correct because I can open Matlab in Linux terminal.

However the main problem is:

“Segmentation fault (core dumped)”