PSInSAR One vs. Multiple Master

This question is not particular to STaMPS but to PSInSAR methods in general. I have recently been questioning the choice of using one master when creating a stack of interferograms. If enough time passes between images, it is possible for deformation amounts to exceed the wavelength of the satellite and lead to unwrapping errors. Using multiple masters would make this less likely to happen and increase overall coherence. Obviously one must coregister to a single master but even in Hooper, Segall & Zebker (2007) Hooper says:

Our algorithm for PS identification does not actually require that all interferograms are formed with respect to one master, only that all are coregistered to one master. Although we have not implemented this option in our code, combinations of interferograms using multiple masters may be chosen to increase the sum correlation.

In the literature, using a single master for interferogram generation has become the norm, why is that? I’m assuming there must be drawbacks to the multiple master method that I am missing. Thanks!