Publication on the polarimetric content of Sentinel-1 imagery

I just wanted to share that our article on the use of polarimetric information of Sentinel-1 was published here: Frontiers | Polarimetric information content of Sentinel-1 for land cover mapping: An experimental case study using quad-pol data synthesized from complementary repeat-pass acquisitions

We used two Sentinel-1 products (HH+HV and VV+VH) acquired during the experimental / calibration phase over southern Germany to synthesize a pseudo-polarimetric product to retrieve parameters such as Pauli Decompositions, as well as Entropy and others. We then compared them to similar measures simply derived from the standard dual-polarization mode. The results show how Sentinel-1 data could look like if the sensor was equipped with an actual quad-pol configuration. Also they indicate a slight increase in information content of quad-pol data compared to dual-pol data for land use and land cover mapping (although it is not strong as we expected). As the acquisition of HH+HV data over land is not common, it was a rather experimental study, but maybe some of you find it interesting.

(A) land use and land cover samples; (B) Sentinel-1 Pauli decomposition; (C) Sentinel-1 Model-based six-component decomposition (red: oriented dipole, green: helix, blue: oriented quarter wave); (D) Sentinel-1 Entropy (blue to red), (E) Sentinel-1 Anisotropy (blue to red)

Violin plots of Entropy (top), Alpha (middle) and Anisotropy (bottom) for ten land use and land cover classes


Excellent paper.

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