Python snappy ProductIO.write seems to hang?


I’m trying to write a created product to a snaphu output folder with:
ProductIO.writeProduct(exportedProduct, snaphuDir, “Snaphu”)

Everything works fine and the conf and img files are created.
However, the process never stops and my code cannot continue to the next step.

Is the writeProduct command correct?
The product I’m writing is created with:

def export_snaphu(product, snaphu_dir):
# Hashmap is used to provide access to all JAVA operators
HashMap = jpy.get_type(‘java.util.HashMap’)

parameters = HashMap()
parameters.put("targetFolder", snaphu_dir)
parameters.put("statCostMode", "DEFO")
parameters.put("initMethod", "MCF")
parameters.put("numberOfTileRows", 5)
parameters.put("numberOfTileCols", 5)
parameters.put("numberOfProcessors", 4)
parameters.put("rowOverlap", 200)
parameters.put("colOverlap", 200)
parameters.put("tileCostThreshold", 500)

return GPF.createProduct("SnaphuExport", parameters, product)

Any help will be appreciated!