Python toolbox for PolsarPro

Is there an API or a Python toolbox for the PolsarPro functionalities?
I am trying to create an automated pipeline, which will incorporate some of the PolsarPro tools.
Is there a way to do so?

Thanks for your replay!
Can you please elaborate on the first option you mentioned or direct me to somewhere there are examples for such text files?

As far as I know, PolsarPro is mainly a standalone software for PolSAR data. They don’t really offer a Python API or toolbox directly.

But, you might be able to integrate PolsarPro tools into your pipeline through some clever scripting. PolsarPro has batch processing features, which could be handy. You can write your commands in Python and use modules like subprocess to run PolsarPro tools in your pipeline.

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