Quantifying Vegetation Damage from Hurricanes: Choosing ROIs and Selecting Appropriate Indices

Hello, for my thesis, I am conducting a remote sensing study on vegetation recovery in Central America, specifically in Belize. I am focusing on damage caused by hurricanes and tropical storms, particularly Hurricane NANA 2020 and Tropical Storm Harwey, which impacted the Stann Creek district in Belize. My goal is to find a method for quantifying vegetation damage, and I am considering using indices such as NDVI, EVI, LAI, and FCOVER for this purpose. I would appreciate advice from those who have undertaken similar work.

One of my main concerns is how to choose Regions of Interest (ROIs). I am unsure whether to select them in areas where the hurricane caused the most damage or to adopt a more systematic approach, such as placing an ROI every certain distance. Additionally, I am undecided on whether to make all ROIs equal or base them on the extent of the damages, and I am seeking guidance on which index to use.

I would greatly appreciate any general advice or insights from those with experience in this field. Thank you!