Question about batch processing and extraction

Greetings - Im attempting to extract some ROI’s from S2 images using shapefiles. Im wondering if someone could direct me to a manual or some documentation on GPT/GPF and or graph builder. Im looking to process a lot of files iteratively - each image will have an associated shapefile. Is there a way to provide graph builder and or gcp with a text file that contains matching S2 tile file names and its associated shapefile so I could run it in batch?

Thank you in advance!

Hi srego,

There is now build in functionality in GPF to do this. But it can be easily done in a command line script or a python script.
Even with Excel it is possible:

Have you already seen the guide on how to do batch processing?

Bulk Processing with GPT

You find an example graph in this post:

You need to get the bounding boxes once for your shapefiles. I hope there are not too many.
Unfortunate using a shapefile for creating a subset is not yet possible.

The shapefile the bounding box and the product can be parameters to the gpt call.

I hope this gives you a starting point to do your extraction.