Question about Batch Script Downloading Sentinel-3 Data

Hi !

I am trying to use “” to download the Sentinel-3 L2 SRAL data automatically on Linux, but I have a question would like to ask. My command is:

sh -u [username] -p [password] -m Sentinel-3 -i SRAL -c 101.4194,8.6879:107.2733,23.2932 -T SR_2_LAN___ -F ‘relativeorbitnumber:281 AND timeliness:“Non Time Critical” AND productlevel:L2’ -l 100 -O orb281 -o product -N 100 -n 5

In the “product_list” file I got, there are 24 searching results, which means the data query part should have no problem. But when it was downloading the data, it could only download 2 files, the rest of files did not pass the MD5 check and was not downloaded at all.

I know there is a restriction of maximum parallel download of 2 files per user at a time, but my comprehension is the script should continue to download the rest of files instead of just stop the progress after the first 2 files were done downloading, right?

Is anyone has faced this issue before? Could you help me on this if I have missed something?

Really appreciate your help.