Question about how to get NESZ in some way

Hello, I recently have been working on retrieving sea surface wind speed information using Sentinel-1 SAR satellite data. After reviewing relevant literature, I’ve learned the need to remove the influence of NESZ. However, I am currently unsure about how to extract NESZ from the Sentinel-1 files. Could someone help me with this? Thank you very much!
The following image is the formula for calculating NESZ that I obtained from a paper. How are these two values extracted, or can NESZ be directly extracted through some functions in SNAP? Thank you very much for your help,I dont know whats mean with A and
Its really important to me ,tanks again!

This is the content of the extracted folder.

Hi @DingZL1207.
Did you advance in this issue? I need to make this analysis too and I am facing difficulties. Thanks in advance.