Question about Sen2cor

When I use Sen2cor to process sentinel-2 data in order to transfer L1C to L2A, but everytime the “Input user product does not exist” on DOS screen. I had written the correct dara position in order line.I am confused with the sentence.

Which version of Sen2Cor are you using?
Can you share a screenshot with the command line & error?
Thank you.

Version of Sen2Cor :Sen2Cor-02.11.00-win64

Screenshot with the command line & errorInput:C:\Users\ThinkPad\AppData\Local\Sen2Cor-02.11.00-win64> L2A_Process E:\download\S2A_MSIL1C_20221202T025101_N0400_R132_T50RNV_20221202T044312.SAFE–resolution=10

Input user product does not exist.

Your command line should look like this
C:\Users\ThinkPad\AppData\Local\Sen2Cor-02.11.00-win64> L2A_Process E:\download\S2A_MSIL1C_20221202T025101_N0400_R132_T50RNV_20221202T044312.SAFE -–resolution 10

First, in your command line there is a missing space between the product name and the resolution parameter, plus wrong way to specify the value for the resolution.

You can use the “-h” option for help with the parameters:

Thank you for your help! I solved the problem by your method.

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