Question about SNAP(Terrain Correction)

I use SNAP to process Sentinel-1 data. I have fulfiled calibrate and single product speckle filter. But when I use SAR -Simulation correction Terrain Correction, “this is already an image reader” often appear. I am confused. How to resolve the problem.Thank you.

@djagula can you have a look? Thanks

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That is not the type of terrain correction to use with S-1 data. Please consult the tutorials on SAR image processing.

@mengdahl Could you explain what is the difference between both, please.

SAR simulation terrain correction is to be used with historical missions with sub-par orbit information by modern standards, for example some ERS-1/2 datasets. The quality of S-1 orbits is extremely good so SAR image simulation is not required.

@mengdahl Thank you for your reply.
Just to share my experience - in some occasions this procedure worked with S-1 too.

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I’m am sure it can work but it is necessarily much less accurate than the S-1 orbits based method. The accuracy attainable with SAR simulation is some fraction of the resolution, so we’re talking about meters, while S-1 orbits are accurate to the order of ~10cm in 3D.

I have already consult literature,this is the type of terrain correction. I am confused. Please tell me the detail.Or send me the tutorials on SAR image processing.My email:
Thank you.

Could you provide the name of the Sentinel-1 product, the processing steps and the parameters used in each step so that we can reproduce the error? Thank you

I resolved this problem. Thank you.