Question about the algorithm used by Sen2cor for atmospheric corrections

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Please, I’m looking for the algorithm that is used by sen2cor to make atmospheric corrections ??
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according to this page:

SENTINEL-2 Atmospheric Correction (S2AC) is based on an algorithm proposed in Atmospheric/Topographic Correction for Satellite Imagery (ATCOR; Richter and Schlaepfer, 2011). The method performs atmospheric correction based on the LIBRADTRAN radiative transfer model (Mayer and Kylling, 2005).

These are:

  • Richter, R., Schlaepfer, D., and Mueller, A. “Operational atmospheric correction for imaging spectrometers accounting the smile effect’”, IEEE TGRS, Vol. 49, 1772-1780 (2011). PDF
  • Mayer, B., Kylling, A. “The libRadtran software package for radiative transfer calculations-description and examples of use”, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 5, 1855–1877 (2005). PDF
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Thank you very much for your answer ABraum