Question on perp. baseline

I’d like to be sure if the perp. baseline provided by the StackOverview operator is the actual one not just estimation.
This doubt arouse after using baseline tool at ASF to select pairs for DInSAR processing.
Please share your opinion.

Thank you.

can you please share an example of the discrepancy?

I guess much depends on the fact if orbit files are already applied or not. I am not sure if the ASF baseline tool makes use of them.

@ABraun This was almost the answer I got from ASF. Now I’m checking if after applying the orbit file I will get what ASF baseline tool offers. I’ll publish here my experience.

I would expect a refinement of the baseline of up to several meters after orbit file application. Anything larger than this should have different reasons which are worth investigating.

For the source scenes the SNAP Bperp provided by StackOverview operator is 22.07m.
After applying the orbit files in SNAP I obtained Bperp 22.55 m.
The difference between two sets of scenes is about 0.5 m.
The Bperp from ASF tool for the same scenes is -12 m.

I’m still confused why this could happen.
Any comment on this issue is welcome.