Question: undo delected pins

If I have a list of pins and delect them by accident is there a way of undoing this action?

In ‘Pin Manager’ tab you can undo and redo pin creation and deletion using ‘CTRL+Z’ and ‘CTRL+Y’

Dear Federico, thank you for your quick reply : )
The think is that when I do “Crt + Z” it erases the pins that I created…or last edition of the pins (like for instance, changing their colors or names.
What is "Ctrl + Y’’ supposed to do exactly ? It seems that nothing happens/changes when I do ctrl+y.

Dear Sara,
you can type ‘CTRL+Z’ multiple times to undo the last edits. Using ‘CTRL+Y’ (multiple times) you can redo the edits you undo. It is likely what you can do in other software, like Microsoft Word.