Questions poccess offset tracking

dear all;
I have some questions
I use the GRD s1a product to make offset tracking,
in the last step poccess “offset tracking”
someting wrong i will be very happy if someone can help me!
I am going to do an earthquake, the deformation is about 1m, you can use this method to see the results, but there is always an error in the last step, below is my use of documents and procedures, as well as the final error.
original data

DEM data

DEM assisted Coregistration and subset data

the final wrong thing!!!


There should be more details for the cause of the error in messages.log (the location of the log files can be displayed using the Help Menu). Normally the last three logs are kept. The logs are verbose, and many warnings and even errors may not affect your processing, so you may want to upload the file corresponding to this issue so others can help decipher the information.

Thank you for your help. I’ll check the file and ask again

May I ask if it is my polarization mode?

In the tutorial, it is HH, and my original data is VV+VH. Even if I select two VV, the final cut out is still VV VH and VV three bands, it is strange that only HH can work offset tracking?

messages.log (84.7 KB)