Quicklook availabilty as indicator of S2 Product Presence?

In my on going effort to adapt google calendar to show the Sentinel 2 L1C & L2A products available for Sardinian I’ve tried out the idea of downloading the jpg quicklook for each products.
My idea was to use quicklook- availability as indicator of Product Presence.
Thus deftly avoiding having to download and unzip the full products from the scihub.
But this too has its imperfections -
I have found that there are some Products available without an accompanying quicklook.
For example: S2B_MSIL1C_20180616T102019_N0206_R065_T32TMK_20180616T172531

It is hard to understand why the quicklook is missing since one could download the TCI (10000x10000 pixel, jp2) and convert it to a 512x512 jpg.
Is it possible to remedy this on scihub ?
Or do I have to incur the exception handling myself?