Rad2refl gpt error - No product reader found

I’m trying to creat a graph xml to run rad2refl in command line.
olci.xml (609 Bytes)

Here’s my S3B data:
(olci.xml also in the same folder)

I run the command line with:
gpt olci.xml -Solciproduct=xfdumanifest.xml

Then I got an error

So what’s the problem with my xml? Can any one help? Thanks

I think the gpt command should written differently. You have to specify the paths of your image and graph from the bin/gpt folder, not from the folder where you have the scene.
./gpt /path/graph.xml -S path/OLCI.xml -t path/output.dim
(Something like that)

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Hi Yukaribba,

Go to the /snap.bak/bin then on the command line Run:
./gpt c:\Graph_name.xml -t c:\Output.dim C:\input\A2008112121000.L2_LAC.hdf`

The first argument specifies the graph file to be used for processing, the -t option specifies the target file where the result is written to, and the last argument specifies the source product for processing.

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Thanks @abruescas and @Samira.h. It works fine now with your correction.:grin: