RADAR>SAR-Mosaic vs RASTER>Geom>Mosaic

Does anybody know the main diference between the both algorithms available to mosaic several images in SNAP? I’ve tried both RASTER>Geom>Mosaic and RADAR>SAR-Mosair to create a mosaic of several SAR images and it seems to work well in both cases. But, I’m not sure, if it is properly to run the RASTER>Geom>Mosaic algorithm to a SAR image.

Any comments welcome.

SAR Mosaic allows you to defeine a fuzzy transition of overlapping areas. Furthermore, you can chose histogram normalization between both products. These are not foreseen in the “normal” mosaic which relies on the perfect transition between adjacent images.

Ok, Thanks you for your kind explanation. So that, if i’m not misunderstanding, depending on final purpose of the mosaic, we can choose between the two algorithms and see which one we want to apply.


yes, they do the same task, but offer slightly different options.

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