Radarsat 2 data to arcGIS

Hi All,

I’m trying to bring some radarsat 2 data into arcgis. I’ve callibrated it, used a speckle filter, multilook (4x4) and am getting a strange projection. Please see incorrect display below. it should be more square represented on a black background.

Any ideas? Is this an issue with my geometric correction?

Any help would be much appreciated!

What type of product is it? If it is a SLC then it is longer in azimuth then it is in range so to get square pixels you will need to multilook 4x7 or something depending on its pixel spacing.
Also, you will want to terrain correct the product first before exporting it to ArcGIS so that each pixel is properly geocoded and projected.

Im trying to do this with a variety of products namely:

Radarsat 2
Sentinel 1
Alos 2

Good point on the azimuth though I think really this must be a terrain correction issue.

I appreciate the help Iveci.

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