RadarSAT-2 info and processing

Dear all,

I’ve just started working with RadarSAT-2 data and I wonder if the processing (polarimetric processing or sigma0 etc) is the same of Sentinel-1.

The data I got is the follow

Furher, because of I can’t find nothing on internet about its nomenclature, could someone tell me what I got is right? --> the data is Single Look Complex, dual-pol, W2 (Beam mode = ScanSAR Narrow or ScanSAR Wide).

The last thing I’d need is how can I get info abut the resolution data (pixel resolution) using S1-toolbox?

Thank you all!


Piero, yes the processing should be the same. The ScanSAR products are already assembled so you don’t need to worry about bursts or subswaths.

The naming convention is

Product definition document:

The pixel spacing can be seen in the Abstract Metadata and I think also when right clicking on a product and viewing the product properties window.

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Thank you soo much!


Ok I found pixel info in “metadata -> original product metadata”.