RADARSAT-2 Orthorectification Issues

I am relatively new to processing radar images and I’ve noticed a slight issue with my RADARSAT-2 orthorectification and was wondering if anyone had experienced a similar issue.

I have images from 2008-2016 and it seems that the early images (2008-2010) are somewhat shifted away from the later images (2011-2016) after performing orthorecification. I have checked my process tree and the same parameters were used for all the images so I am not sure what is causing the issue.

My workflow is as follows - radiometric calibration > speckle filter > range-doppler terrain correction.
As I said I am relatively new to radar processing so maybe I have the steps wrong but from what I’ve read terrain correction should be working.


It could be an issue with the orbit information. Try SAR-Simulation Terrain Correction and see if that resolves your issue.

Or run Apply Orbit File as the first step in your processing chain