Radarsat-2 Spotlight Import


I have a question concerning the following Sourcecode within s1tbx-8.0.6:


final MetadataElement pulseRepetitionFrequency = radarParameters.getElement(“pulseRepetitionFrequency”);
double prf = pulseRepetitionFrequency.getAttributeDouble(“pulseRepetitionFrequency”, defInt);
final MetadataElement adcSamplingRate = radarParameters.getElement(“adcSamplingRate”);
double rangeSamplingRate = adcSamplingRate.getAttributeDouble(“adcSamplingRate”, defInt) / Constants.oneMillion;
if (aquisitionMode.equalsIgnoreCase(“UltraFine”)) {
prf *= 2.0;
rangeSamplingRate *= 2.0;

The correction *= 2.0; is only applied for “UltraFine”.

But within the RADARSAT-2 PRODUCT FORMAT DEFINITION, Spotlight-Mode is also mentioned
for parameter “adcSamplingRate” and products with “two wing identifiers (Fore and Aft)”
are mentioned for parameter “pulseRepetitionFrequency” (See below).

So my question is, should the correction *= 2.0; not also be considered for RSAT2-Spotlight?


Issue 1/15: OCT. 26, 2016

Page 5-9
Sampling rate of the radar analog to digital converter for
each pulse (units = Hz).
For dual-pulse stitched mode acquisition types (Ultrafine
and Spotlight), the field is repeated for each pulse, and
the effective range sampling rate for the products is
double the rate for each pulse

Page 5-9
Transmitted pulse repetition frequency for each beam.
Beam attribute values are same as those used in the
beams list. (units = Hz).
For products with two wing identifiers (Fore and Aft),
the received PRF is effectively double the transmitted

Page 5-42 “acquisitionIdentifiers”
…“Ultrafine” … “SpotlightA” “SpotlightB”, …