Radarsat radiometric calibration

Hi folks!

I was wondering if you can help me find out how I can find the noise floor and remove it from my Radarsat observations.
I think the radiometric calibration in Tools menu only transform the values to db and noise floor is not removed. I looked at metadata info and couldn’t find noise floor variable, however in the RADARSAT2 product information document, this variable has been represented and I found a few papers that corrected this noise (just mentioned!).

I think it does more than that. According to the Help section, an “absolute radiometric calibration” is performed by the Calibrate operator.

Looking into the referenced Product Specification document (found here) this is further explained:

According to this document, the noise reference level is already taken into consideration for Beta0:

The later Sigma0 product stage includes these corrections as well.

Thank you so much for your reply.

So you think thermal noise reference is applied in Beta0 and Sigma0. Can you please direct me to a reference that shows the different processes applied to each product?

Do you think thermal noise is the same as noise floor? Do you know where can I find noise level (any of those!) in the metadata?

after reading this article I am no longer sure to be honest.

You find the noise reference level in the appendix of the document. In SNAP, you can search for the term noise_scale to find the value.