Radarsat2 SLC calibration problem

Hi everyone,

I am having a problem when calibrating the SLC of Radarsat 2 data using SNAP as in the picture below. I have tried to save in complex product as shown in the SAR basic tutorial of the Sentinel-1 toolbox. Anyone could help me.


your PC either doesn’t have enough RAM or cannot access it properly: Error when calibrating Sentinel 1 data “cannot construct data buffer”

My pc doesnt have problem before and I also have process much SAR data. I am using 32GB computer ram. but I will try to reduce unnecessary files or unimportant apps . thanks for your response.

You need to tweak JVM and cache parameters in the Options. @lveci should be able to advice.

thanks mengdahl !

now got different msg :sweat_smile:

i have try with the option;