Radiomatric Callibration error for Sentinel-1 SLC data

I am trying to run the calibration tool for Sentinel-1 SLC data. But soon after i run the tool its showing the following ERROR.

Can anyone help ?

Thank You,


I may be wrong, but each time I see a “Cannot construct DataBuffer”, it was a memory issue. How much ram do you have?


Thanks for the reply.
My RAM memory is 16 G.B.

It’s actually not bad.

I noticed that SNAP does not clear unused ram very well. Thus, when I work for a long time, I have almost no free ram despite the fact that no process are running. What I usually do is simply close and reopen snap.

To check the memory used, you can simply use the command ‘htop’ in a linux terminal.

If it doesn’t help, I can’t help you more, considering my knowledge in SNAP.