Range and Azimuth Glacier Velocity Tracking

On behalf of many potential users I met during FRINGE 2017 Workshop, I would request the SNAP developers to provide range and azimuth velocities. Currently we are getting absolute velocities (a quadratic sum of range and azimuth). This will help the community to further use the dataset for modeling, strain rates calculation etc, because range and azimuth displacements can be used to derive glacier flow direction as well. Currently glacier flow direction is given as vector file that too over limited points. If the range and azimuth raster files are provided along with magnitude, this will certainly help user to play with.
I mean Offset Tracking module certainly estimate range and azimuth components anyway, its just to provide them to the users :slight_smile:
Hope many users will agree me on this.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Thank you for the suggestion, we will take this on-board!

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Will this suggest SNAP will implement split beam/band/spectrum interferometry?


Hi there, just following up on this. Have you guys implemented that? Please read my comment above.

Not yet but we’ll put it on the wishlist, it should be simple to implement. Thanks for the reminder!

Thanks for noting this.
Yes, as I said before, it would not be an additional task because your processing chain is producing these offsets anyway. You just have to enable the possibility of saving them as GeoTiff files like your absolute velocity product.