Range Doppler Terrain Correction Python Code

Hello Everyone,

I am coding Range Doppler Terrain Correction Algorithm to our AirSAR data. I am mainly following these two documents however there’re many concepts that I can’t understand completely.

  1. A Simple and Precise Approach to Position and Velocity Estimation of Low Earth orbit Satellite
  2. Guide to Sentinal-1 Geocoding

I would like to ask, is there any open-source Range Doppler Terrain Correction python code available? Or if there’s another document that explains range doppler terrain correction in more detail.

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You will find documentation of algorithms used in isce here - https://isce-framework.github.io/isce3/overview_geometry.html

isce2’s Orbit (https://github.com/isce-framework/isce2/blob/main/components/isceobj/Orbit/Orbit.py) data structure has a lightweight rdr2geo and geo2rdr methods that can be used for quick computations. Those equivalent fortran/ C modules implement the same equations for more heavy lifting in a parallelized fashion.


Hi, did you finish your Range Doppler Terrain Correction code? Could you please give me some hep on it?

Here are the few references that I found on internet regarding Range Doppler Terrain Correction

Thank you for your sharing. It is very instructive. Did you successfully build up your own Algorithm to AirSAR data ?