Range spectral filter error for TanDEM-X


Does anyone have any expernience with range spectral filtering on s1tbx and TanDEM-X data? Applying the s1tbx inbuilt Range Filtering (Interferometric \ Filtering \ Spectral Filtering) on an interferometric stack gives me error (see image).

I don’t have the target product initialised before, i.e. there is no such product before the filter application.

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Karlis Zalite

Is this for a CoSSC product where the data has already been coregistered?

Yes, it is a CoSSC product.


I am working on land subsidence using SENTINEL-1 data. My flowchart (using graph builder) for this process is as follows:

  1. Read the two SLC images
    3.Apply orbit file
    5.Interferogram formation
    7.TOPO-phase removal
    8.GoldStein filtering

I have read that it is also important to perform range and azimuth shift spectral filtering for both master and slave image for removing uncorrelated signal contributions. So, I would like to ask, is this step so important to be implemented in the InSAR process.

  • If yes, which step of the flowchart should we perform range and azimuth filtering in?
  • Is this step performed right after image co-registration?


Hi Karlis,

I have the same problem. Is it fixed now?


Hi Jade,

I haven’t tried recently.