Rayleigh correction_snap

I found rayleigh correction in Snap .Now I want to know whether this rayleigh correction is applicable to coastal / ocean waters??

Can I get this paper…
Bourg, L. (2009): MERIS Level 2 Detailed Processing Model. ACRI-ST, Document No. PO-TN-MEL-GS-0006, 15 July 2009

It is the first entry in the results when you search for PO-TN-MEL-GS-0006:

Thank you for reply

For applying Rayleigh correction ,it was given for MSI sentinel-2 the sea level pressure and ozone is constant .How can i get those values for specific location or Area of interest to change the values .

There are metrological data around for example at

Thank you Marpet.
I tried rayleigh correction with default values after resampling the bands to 10m resolution but it shows error:
how can I solve this

Looks like you are trying to do it twice. Do you use MSI L1B data? The rayleigh correction is not intended for L1C.

Hi @marpet,

What do you mean with “The Rayleigh correction is not intended for L1C”? Also, do I need to apply Rayleigh correction to Sentinel-2 Level-2A products or are they already corrected?

This is a wrong statement from me. Of course it can be applied to L1C.
I misinterpreted a line of code and thought it requires L2A. But this doesn’t make much sense.

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