RCM Data Reading Fails

Has anyone tested ingesting an RCM GRD product. (downloaded from https://www.eodms-sgdot.nrcan-rncan.gc.ca/index_en.jsp)

Not working for me. Tested SNAP V7 and SNAP v7 Beta. Any answer would be very useful.


An update should be available next week that fixes this.

Thanks! looking forward.

Hi Iveci, I am wondering if there is any update regarding RCM data ingest

Hi all,

I’ve been able to open the RCM GRD product by unzipping the folder and dragging in the .tif file into SNAP. Are we able to import RCM GRD products similarly to Sentinel-1 and Radarsat-2 data yet? I get this error when I try:

Hi everyone!

Did anyone figure out already how to read the RCM products? I get the same error as @snasonova.

I am able to drag in the ,tif file, but I don’t think you can apply preprocessing steps on a .tif file (without metadata, etc), right?

@lveci Would you by any chance know if there are any updates expected? Thank you very much in advance!

@lveci Bumping this thread as well - is there any update on this release?