RCM - use .xml noise file to subtract noise from image?

I am using RCM SCLN and there is a striping issue in the HV band. I have been told it may help to subtract the noise profile provided in the ‘noiseLevels_HV.xml’ image file. How can I do this in SNAP? Or at least produce a projected map of noise so that I can use raster maths to apply it outside SNAP?

It comes with a ‘per beam’ Reference Noise Level for 12 beams, a small sample of which is below. (There is also a section for Beta/Sigma/Gamma naught noise levels).

As per the documentation:

Per-beam Reference Noise Level, which is the estimated beam-dependent instrument noise (beta-nought, sigma-nought, and gamma) as a function of pixel per beam. This information applies for ScanSAR SLC, ScanSAR MLC, and ScanSAR GRD products