Read Entropy tiff flies into Matlab

After converting Entorpy files into tiff files and importing it into matlab,Wht the Entorpy tiff files’s matrix is null?

Maybe the data type was changed from float to integer during the conversion.

Did you try opening the img file directly?

fid = fopen('fileName.img');
data = fread(fid, dataDimensions, precision)

I want to convert the Entropy tiff files and the anistropy tiff files to a matrix and then take the dot product to get a new image.

How can I get the Entorpy files to img file?

If you processed them in SNAP, the img files of each product are stored in the .data folder in your file directory. These are standard GIS raster formats which can directly be ready by Matlab without conversion to GeoTiff.

How can I define the dataDimensions and precision?

Why the function can’t use?

did you receive an error? Works for me if you define the rows and colums as well

But I define the rows and colums as yours,It still shows an error