Read S-2 L2A (SEN2COR) with gpt


With SNAP GUI I can read and write an S-2 L2A generated with SEN2COR with the Graph Builder.

When I run the same graph with gpt I get:

SEVERE: org.esa.s2tbx.dataio.s2.l1c.L1cMetadata: Product is not conform to PSD: unexpected element (uri:"", local:"Level-2A_User_Product"). Expected elements are <{}Level-1C_DataStrip_ID>,<{}Level-1C_Tile_ID>,<{}Level-1C_User_Product> org.esa.snap.core.gpf.graph.GraphException: Failed to parse metadata in S2A_USER_MTD_SAFL2A_PDMC_20160212T125437_R061_V20160212T035042_20160212T035042.xml

Here’s the graph to help reproducing the behaviour

sIO.xml (1.1 KB)

Any help is appreciated!

I believe this issue is for the developers and not so much for the community. @forman what do you think?


I’ve checked if I could submit this issue on the software repo: Issues are not enabled.

Does someone know where to submit issues (not community questions) on the SNAP software?


Hello @jmalik ! I believe you have what it needs to have this issue submitted on SNAP ticketing system, will you help me out with this issue?

I opened the JIRA issue SIITBX-188 for this. It appears that the wrong reader is selected on your case. Thanks for your patience.

Thank you! Looking forward for a fix. Let me know if you need further details, I’d be happy to help!


I would like to know if there’s a target date for a release including this patch.


It won’t be in the version 3.0 that will be released these days and it needs feature SNAP-66 as explained in the issue, but it should be in done by mid-June, or earlier with a module update if possible. Sorry it can’t be done earlier.

Thanks for the info Nicolas!