Reading a Level 2A product

Hi to all community,

I’ve just downloaded a level 2A product, unzipped it and tried to open it in Snap 5.0.8 and Snap 6.
I selected the file “SENTINEL2A_20170728-143754-457_L2A_T20PQB_D_V1-4_MTD_ALL.xml” and got an error :
“No appropriate product reader found …”

I mention that there is only one XML file into the archive.
Of course, I manage to open tif files for each band but it is less convenient.

Any idea to solve the problem ?
Besides, is there a doc about the meaning of the image and masks files names ?

Hi Olive,

You have to open the top level “MTD_MSIL2A.xml” file.



Thanks for your answer Jan.
There is only one XML file in the archive, at the same level than tif files.
A join a screenshot of the decompressed archive.

Good evening

SNAP currently support the standard ESA format of Sentinel product you can download from Scihub. The MUSCAT format is not supported yet.

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