Reading ALOS L1.1 without VOL_ and TRL_ files

Dear collegues,

I’ve got an ALOS L1.0 (CEOS) file from ASF and preprocess it with GMT5SAR, which generated a SLC file (L1.1).

The problem is that SNAP requires the VOL file to open the L1.1 and the GMT5SAR only creates the IMG and LED file.

Is there a way to read the ALOS L1.1 image without the VOL file (only with LED and IMG)?

Thanks on advance,

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An example of ALOS L1.1 file generated by GMT5SAr can be downloaded in:

Besides the GMT5SAR, the software SARScape (ENVI) also reads an ALOS image with on LED and IMG files (not requiring TRL or VOL).

have you solved this issue?