Reading if Tiff files generated with options COMPRESS=DEFLATE and PREDICTOR=2

I have a question to the development team. The tiff reader of SNAP cannot read tiff images generated with options COMPRESS=DEFLATE and PREDICTOR=2. Is there any plan to include this feature in the next releases of the SNAP tool?
Thanks a lot.

We have already such an issue in our issue tracker.
Probably it will not be in the next release but we might release a module later in the next couple of month.
Sorry I can’t be more precise.

Hi Marco,
The involved issue has been fixed on ImageIO-ext:

The fix is part of imageio-ext release 1.1.16

Hope this helps.

This help’s definitely.
Reporting this issue was on my todo list, but didn’t get to it yet.

There is another issue which was reported some time ago and I wanted to forward it…
Is this maybe also fixed? Please see here:
It’s regarding datatype SLONG8.

Thank a lot.