Real-time Flood Monitoring using SNAP toolbox

Hello all, I have used SNAP software and Sentinel-1 data to explore my research on real-time flood monitoring. I want to acknowledge and thank ESA’s STEP FORUM for the timely help and suggestions provided whenever I face any software or data issue. I highly appreciate the step forum team and developers in this regard.

I would also like to mention two of my research works published in journals, which would not have been possible without the knowledge gained from this forum:

  • In [1], an automated tool is developed to delineate flood inundation extent from microwave SAR images without any human intervention.

  • Besides, in [2], I have explained in detail on Sentinel-1/microwave SAR data preparation and its automation using SNAP toolbox for extracting flood footprints.


[1] Kuntla, S.K., Manjusree, P. (2020). Development of an Automated Tool for Delineation of Flood Footprints from SAR Imagery for Rapid Disaster Response: A Case Study. Journal of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing, 48(6), 935–944.

[2] Kiran, K.S., Manjusree, P. & Viswanadham, M. (2019). Sentinel-1 SAR Data Preparation for Extraction of Flood Footprints-A Case Study. Disaster Advances, 12(12), 10-20.


good job - thank you for sharing! I am sure these are useful to the community.

Thanks @ABraun!