Recently, the problem of IW1 and IW3 in satellite images

Recently, ascending IW1 and descending IW3 images in satellite images cannot be displayed in snap 9. although there are necessary files in the measurement folder in the images, snap cannot process these images. the relevant screenshots are as follows.
how can i find a solution
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Same experience since Ecosystem: Changes to Copernicus Sentinels data access - Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem - #16 by Unmanaged0292 there is a JIRA ticket [SNAP-3578] - JIRA tracking this issue

Mr Unmanaged0292.
thank you for your reply. the method you give below works

Hi, I have recently discovered the same problems.

A quick fix is to unzip and re-zip the raw data. This also solves the problem with the size of new acquisitions (from ~8 GB back to ~4.5 GB).

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Thank you for your answer. With this method, the file size decreases again to 4.5 GB. However, I could not open the file again in the snap program. The method mentioned by Mr Unmanaged0292 works for opening the file.

Hi, You need to make sure that the hierarchical structure of the archive is the same after re-zipping as it was before. If you change it in the process of re-zipping, then SNAP will have problems reading the data.

An example of the archive structure:

    • S1A_IW_SLC__1SDV_20231120T050216_20231120T050244_051296_06305B_CD2F.SAFE
      • annotation
      • measurement
      • preview
      • support
      • S1A_IW_SLC__1SDV_20231120T050216_20231120T050244_051296_06305B_CD2F.SAFE-report-20231120T055856.pdf

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