Reflectance to radiance plugin

i’m trying to convert S2 TOA reflectance image to radiance image usind the SNAP “Reflectance to Radiance” plugin. By comparing with result of our software based on the formula propose in the forum (Radiometric conversion of sentinel 2 images) “L = (U__earth_sun_distance_correction_factor* rToa * e0__SOLAR_IRRADIANCE_For_band * cos(Z__Sun_Angles_Grid_Zenith_Values)) / P” it seems that the plugin doesn’t apply the grid values for sun zenith angle but uses a scalar value. Can someone confirm it?
Moreover, is it possible modify the setting which restrict to two the maximum bands processed per run?
Thanks in advance for the help.

The formula used by Reflectance to Radiance is the one specified in the help (the values from the sun_zenith band are used for Sentinel-2):

Not sure what you meant by

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Many thanks for the reply.
For the second question: I found the answer. To select the bands to be processed I have to use the right button of the mouse pressing simultaneously “Ctrl” or “Shift” on the keyboard. Using the only the muose button not allow it.

What version of SNAP are you using?
I am able to select as many bands as I want (using CTRL and click):

Sorry, I found it immediately after my reply!
Many thanks!