Regarding cloud coverage

Is it possible to display and use the cloud coverage rate of L2A images with SNAP?

Specifically, I would like to use “Cloud_Coverage_Assessment” included in the raw data.

It depends for what purpose you want to use it. And how you want to access it.
Can you tell a bit more?

I am currently using sentinel-2 images to observe water bodies.

If there are many clouds, it is not possible to observe lakes, etc., so we would like to judge whether or not it can be used based on the cloud coverage rate.

I hope SNAP can make that decision.

You could use this during download already. At the most data services you can specify a maximum cloud value.
But this can lead to the case that the image is 90% cloudy but your lake is cloud free. On the other hand is can happen that the image is only 5% cloudy but you lake is cloud covered. If this approach is sufficient for your use case, is up to you.
With a little python and the use of snappy (or without) this could be done also on already downloaded data.

More accurate but more compute and data intense is to use the cloud information per pixel. You could subset the image to the region you want and then compute the cloud statistics for this region.
In all SNAP operation the decisions are done on a pixel basis. An rough value like the cloud coverage is usually not used.

Thank you for politely teaching me.

I was able to display it for reference.