Regarding RESORB and PEORB files

Hi there,

I would like to report that paths for restituted and precise orbit files in the “Apply Orbit File” tool are reversed.
I am using SNAP version 4.

When you choose the “Sentinel Precise” option and when it is not downloaded automatically, SNAP is asking you to place the file downloaded from Sentinel-1 QC in the RESORB folder.
I have checked, when adding the downloaded RESORB file in the RESORB folder, the precise option works.
The opposite happens when you choose the “Sentinel Restituted”, it points you to the PEORB folder.

Here are the screenshots :

It’s easy to choose the right option when you’ve notice but I thought that was important to report.
Thanks for what you can do, and for the amazing tools and data you bring us !


If it can’t find the precise orbit file, it will log it and then try the restituded orbits and vice versa. In your case it didn’t find neither.

Hi Iveci,

Thanks for answering.

I actually removed the files from my Orbit folders and disconnect from the internet to get the error messages.

Sorry if I did not understood clearly then. But please allow me to report that the error message isn’t very clear.
If Sentinel Precise (Auto Download) is selected and if it does not find anything, the RESORB folder is the one where it asks you to place the downloaded file (see illustration).
That was what led me to a misunderstanding.