Regarding S2A_L1C metadata?

Can anybody help me for finding c0 and c1 radiometric calibartion coefficient from S2A_L1C metadata???

if by c0 and c1 you mean the coefficients to transform DN to reflectance, you have to divide the DN by the Quantification Value that you can find in the product metadata.

No, i was not interested to transform the DN values to reflectance…I need the values of c0 and c1 which i was unable to find from the metadata of S2A_L1C product .

Thank you @obarrilero

What do you mean by “c0 and c1”?

L=c0 + c1 * DN

where ,
L= Radiance
c0 and c1 are radiometric calibration coefficients

In Sentinel-2 images, the DN refer to reflectance values, there are no coefficients to transform them directly to radiance. But in SNAP there is a processor to transform the reflectance to radiance.

oh ok. Thank you @obarrilero

Hello obarrilero,

I have an issue with processing.for few datasets it was running properly and for few it was running only for 20m resolution and 60m even when i input only B02-B04 and B-08 bands and for one dataset it was not at all running for all the three resolutions and have shown the following dialogue box.

Please try to help me.