Relationship between GPT-GPF-GraphBuilder

Dear all,

I’ve read the SNAP help and the document SNAP Command Line Tutorial of @lveci, but I’m not an IT developer and I’m still a little bit confused regarding the relationship between GPF (Graph Processing Framework), Graph Builder and GPT (Graph Processing Tool).

In simplified form:

  1. Could we say that the Graph Builder together with the Batch Processing (and maybe also with the AOI Monitoring) image are sub-modules of SNAP Desktop?

  2. If point 1 is correct, could we say that all the operators belonging to these 3 sub-modules are part of GPF(Graph Processing Framework)?

  3. Could we say that when we work by command line we will evoke these GPF operators not anymore through the Desktop sub-modules (Graph Builder, Batch Processing, AOI Monitoring) but through the so-called GPT (Graph Processing Tool)?

Many thanks for eventual replies,