Relative orbits as shape file or kml?

I try to find a vector file (kml or shp) of sentinel-1 relative orbits.
As far as I unterstand, they are fixed. Their geographical location does not change over time, right?

So, is there a vector file I can download in the web?

You can access them here: Acquisition Segments - Sentinel-1 - Sentinel Online - Sentinel Online
The relative orbit (also called track) is the number which tells the unique path / location of a footprint.

Thanks for the link…
I already saw this website but there are several links.
I think this is due to absolute orbit numbers, right?
So, is it correct, that the relative orbits do not change over time, no matter what kml I choose and no matter what Sensor (S1A or S1B) I choose?
The last question concerns geographical location

yes, these are constant and also given in the kml files of the different acquisition scenarios.

But why there is no global representation of the relative orbits as a kml available?

I ask that question, because I want to have a quick overview about a certain location (which can change).
For this location I need the information what relative orbits cover this location and and what path direction these resulting orbits have…

Something like this is already availabe for Sentinel-2-Orbits:
Sentinel-2 orbits
Sentinel-2 tiles as kml

Would be great If somehing similar exists vor S1.

I don’t know, but maybe because ascending and descending tracks overlap and it’s always required to filter the coverage. I’m not aware of any public representation of all tracks at once.

Be carefull,
The Sentinel-2 orbits kml seems only to provide the location of the ground track of the spacecrafts for each relative orbit. This does not match the actual coverage of each granule.
The Sentinel-2 tiles as kml provides the id of the tile in MGRS coordinates but does not provide the corresponding orbit.

@florian.beyer Try the search tool in ASF. Then export the metadata as kml.